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North East Coast, Chevron type. Struck on a very large flan, the details sharp and clear. The finest known for type.

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Corieltauvi, gold Stater, c.60-50 BC, North East Coast, Chevron type. Obv. Wreath motif with leaves facing inwards, tiny pellets in field. Rev. Disarticulated horse facing left, V-shaped chevron’s, crescent and pellets above, subtle hollow crescent above the solid crescent, pelleted sun below, zigzag and pellets in exergue. 6.04g, (ABC 1728; S.29; VA 805-7; BMC 203; PAS. NLM-71AF98 (this coin)). Struck on a very large flan on ‘golden’ gold, the details sharp and clear, a very pleasing coin with great eye appeal and a lovely patina. Extremely rare and the finest known for type.

This example the finest known for type and superior to the single example currently housed in the British Museum.

Dr John Sills says: “There are only six other Staters recorded of this type, all from the same pair of dies. It’s a very significant issue because the arrows above the horse on the reverse mark the exact point where the horse changed from right- to left-facing at the main Corieltavian mint; this is known because the obverse die links with the very last right-facing Staters. It’s very likely that the left- and right-pointing Vs commemorate this switch; previously one mint struck right-facing Staters and the other left-facing ones, so the change brought the two into line and may have marked an important stage in the unification of the tribe. The coin is truly stunning in the hand, it is struck on a much larger flan than normal North East Coast type Staters.”

It’s also one of the few where the tiny outline crescent can be clearly seen.

With old ticket.

Will be provided with the coin.

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Chevron type, North East Coast



Extremely Rare



ABC 1728; S.29; VA 805-7; BMC 203; PAS. NLM-71AF98 (this coin)

Old Ticket